Prince Construction Management was founded by Yaakov Prince, with the goal to provide a variety of construction and management solutions for the business and private sectors.

Prince Construction Management's mission is to set the standard in quality in the construction industry. We strive to be the best customer oriented construction management company in Israel and the world, and to focus on our client's needs before anything else.

Our Goal is to contribute to Israel's society and economy through the innovation of building and management methods; to protect the environment through utilizing green technologies and renewable energy sources for our projects; and to be part of the creation that magnifies and captures Israel's beauty.

In the Private Sector

Prince Construction Management provides you with full control over your project, and allows you to be involved in every stage of construction. We help you maintain that control by doing quality assurance, making sure that the timetable is followed and planning a proper budget for the project that doesn't overlook any "hidden" expenses.

After your project is completed, you will be able to enjoy your project in peace, without having to deal with flaws in the construction that are so common during a major project.

Investing in good planning is the key to good construction.

With good planning, a timetable will give you the ability to know, at every stage, where you are in the project, and gives you full control over every stage of construction.

We will check the market price for extra work, prepare technical plans in order to get proper work, and put out your plans for contractor bidding.

In the Commercial Sector

Prince Construction Management has many services tailor made to contractors. We prepare bills for you (including ongoing bills), provide you with measurements, sketch plans for work documentation, and provide you with updated plans. We calculate the costs for additional work as well as provide quantity surveying services.

Prince Construction Management puts an emphasis on accuracy in measurements and amounts (and takes into consideration waste calculations) in order to prepare plans for contractor bidding. We measure and calculate with AutoCad and prepare bills and fill in quantities with Benarit.