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Quarterly News; 3rd Quarter 2017


Shamgar Pearl
Prince Construction Management was hired by Aga Lamdi Real Estate to manage the construction of the Shamgar Pearl project; a high end project comprised of luxury apartments and commercial properties. The building is uniquely designed with many windows and four directional airflow. With high-end finishing using top of the line materials, the apartments include central air conditioning and smart home technology. The project allows the buyer to customize their property from a large selection of kitchen and tile manufacturers, sinks, and other accessories. We have finished the skeleton of five floors of residential space, two floors of commerical space, and an underground parking lot; including carefully dressing the building with detailed stone and very high quality insulation. All of this has been completed in just over a year.


The Etrog Fire Station is adjacent to the Public Television building in Romema, Jerusalem. The building will have offices and sleeping quarters for on-duty firefighters, as well as training rooms, a gym, dining hall; and spaces for five fire trucks and search and rescue vehicles. The station is expected to begin operation in the beginning of 2018.


A 100 year old building with domed ceilings was purchased by a group of lawyers who wanted to maximise the potential of the property. We secured building permits for another three apartments including integrating a reinforced concrete skeleton within the old building and bringing up the building to today's building codes while keeping the original, authentic feel of the artistic Nachlaot neighborhood.


PCM has customised heavy equipment repair sites for the IDF. If we told you more... :)


Mercaz HaChareidi Engineers
Prince Construction Management was appointed by the Beis Yaakov school system and Mercaz HaChareidi Vocational Training School as the official model sites for their arctitecture and engineering programs. Students in these programs are brought to PCM's sites to see examples of proper site management and exemplary planning and execution.

Beis Yaakov Architects

If you are interested in investing in property development oppurtunites in Jerusalem or renovating your current property, you should consider working with Prince Construction Management. Our experienced team will put their knowledge and resources to work for you. Prince Construction Management...consider it done.

May 2017

Working hard on all of our projects! Notable mentions include a private residence on Abulafia St. in Jerusalem, which is in the final stages; and Stone Dressing is starting to go up on Pninat Shamgar!