Project Management

Prince Construction Management takes care of your project from start to finish. From project planning, to cost management; from quality, and safety management, to contract administration -- Prince Construction Management’s got you covered.

Prince Construction Management's “Project Management” service includes:

• Project management planning. This initial stage involves laying out a plan for the entire project, including the various jobs that need to be done, the materials required and a timeline.

• Cost management. Construction managers must constantly keep tabs on costs so the project does not over-run its budget -- making adjustments if unexpected issues or complications arise.

• Quality management. Projects often involve numerous contractors and subcontractors; construction managers must make sure they're all doing a good job and not cutting corners.

• Contract administration. Lengthy contracts with the client are part of all construction projects, and it's the construction manager's job to ensure all of the contract provisions are being met and all parties are satisfied.

• Safety management. Construction sites are filled with potential safety hazards that construction managers must be aware of and guard against.

On Site Construction Supervision

Our Construction Supervisors keep the project running smoothly and make sure the timetable is kept and no corners are cut.

Prince Construction Management's "On Site Supervision" service includes:

• Quality management. Projects often involve numerous contractors and subcontractors; construction managers must make sure they're all doing a good job and not cutting corners. (Making sure that the client won’t have to rip up their floors and fix plumbing issues; that the lighting won’t blow on a Friday Night; that rain doesn’t pour from the ceiling in the winter; proper thermal insulation, etc.)

• Timetable Adherence. Making sure that the project is running on schedule, including all contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants.

• Solutions. Our On-Site Supervisors also provide on the ground solutions for any problems that may arise during the course of the project.

• Updating the Client. (Including overseas clients) as to the progress of the project.

• Managing Site Security. Making sure materials don’t get stolen, or live-in residents don’t have problems with the workers, making sure that the site is properly cleaned after the day’s work, etc.

Quantity Surveying

Our High quality Quantity Surveying services are designed as per the prevalent market trends. Customized in accordance with the details provided by the clients, these services are widely demanded.

Prince Construction Management's "Quantity Surveying" services include:

• Feasibility studies

• Cost monitoring & control

• Contract documentation

• Bill of quantities

• Budget estimating

• Detailed cost estimates

• Tender reports

• Final accounts

• Arbitration- independent referee services

• Cost planning

• Client representative

• Facilities management


Our team of experienced architects will work with you to utilize your space, aquire building permits, take care of "Tama 38", and "Pinui Binui".

Engineering Consultation

Our engineers at Prince Construction Management will do home inspections for structural safety, come up with construction solutions, and submit final approvals of construction plans.

Structural Planning

Our team at Prince Construction Management will draw up builing structure plans with engineering supervision and work on building modifications, approvals and plans.


Our Billing Services cover checking the bills from the contractor to the client, matching the bills to the project measurements, preparing bills, and price surveying.

Prince Construction Management's "Billing" service includes:

• Checking the bill that was handed over by the contractor for a client.

• Checking that the bill matches the measurements, the contract prices or the current market prices.

• Preparing bills for contractors including measurements, documentation and submission.

• Price surveying before the purchase of materials.

Water Inulsulation Consultations

We work with A. Matzrafi, the leading water installation company in Israel. They do consulting, and they do the work as well. They have done extensive work with exclusive projects in Israel, and they were able to bring solutions to impossible problems.

Systems Coordination

Prince Construction Management’s Coordination service ensures that all of your project’s infrastructure systems work in harmony with each other for maximum efficiency -- saving you time and money.

Each structure includes a number of infrastructure systems that serve the needs of users. Infrastructure systems are usually hidden inside the building but they are an integral part of the functioning of the building.

Previously, the building systems were very limited but today there are many systems, and they require careful planning in the location of the building, connecting them while building, coordinating between different systems and preparation for future systems and renovations.

The most basic building systems and the oldest are sewage and water systems. These systems allow a comfortable life in the building and maintain sanitation use. In modern construction there are many more systems that require synergy; electricity, gas, communication lines, cable, climate control, security systems, fire systems, entertainment systems, SmartHome systems and more. In order to save time and costs it is imperative to coordinate between systems so they don’t clash.

Prince Construction Management’s professional teams can foresee problems and provide on-the-ground solutions in real time.

Property Management

Do you have a house in Israel and are looking to hire someone to maintain your property? Our team of professionals is now available to look after your home while you are away and take care of the gardening, swimming pool, electrical issues, floods, gas leaks, pest infestations, or any other problems that may arise.